How can a Business App like Emporia Amplify the Profit of the Street Vendors?

Markets in Dubai have been booming for a couple of decades. The city magnetizes the glamour from faraway continents. For a couple of decades, it has become the favorite hub for startups. It is a vibrant city where people from different languages, ideas, ethnicities, colors, etc., co-exist, sell, and purchase items. However, local shopping in Dubai is not only famous for its towering malls, but street shopping in Dubai hosted by street vendors is in high demand. In the regional language, they are called Souks.

Dubai is a major emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), first created in 1833 and initially populated by 800 individuals. The population graph reached some 20,000 in the year 1950. Before completing 100 years, the clock has hit a total of 3,646,010 people.

The main catalyst for the rapid urbanization was industrialization. Nevertheless, those enterprises were different from the typical ones established in the metropolis. The architects of Dubai strategically incorporated the future-promising startups into the city’s infrastructure through meticulous planning and foresight.

The businesses set up by the expatriates, as well as the locals, needed a place where they could better sell their products and find the right target audience for them. Street shopping in Dubai is pretty famous for a large number of items. Therefore, to provide better highlights to the street vendors, Emporia set up an online platform. In this blog post, we will discuss how the business app can help you amplify your profit.

Brief Intro of Emporia

Emporia is an app for mobile devices that consolidates the local businesses of a community and facilitates the promotion of products and services to end consumers. The main objective of this online platform is to give preference to local stores over large shopping malls and marketplaces, where consumers tend to shop more frequently and spend money less sensibly. The sellers can utilize internet marketing tactics such as discounts, SEO, SMO, etc., to promote their products or services. These services can be availed with the help of freelancers available on the Emporia App. Additionally, Shop owners can articulate their distinctive selling propositions and develop strategies to promote them efficiently.

Features of Emporia

1. Local Business Boost 
Emporia provides an online platform for showcasing the products and services to the street vendors, who were earlier not able to outshine the market because of radiating big malls, and stores. Street vendors in Dubai now don’t have to roam from place to place to get their existence acknowledged.

2. Seamless Local Shopping
The concept of “Vocal for Local” is currently a prominent subject in the evolving marketing industry. During the past decade, the retail sector lost its appeal due to the emergence of large-scale companies. Subsequently, it was determined that the inclusion of local firms was necessary and aligned with the reasoning behind the purchases. Emporia provides customers with access to a diverse range of local businesses, enabling them to make purchases based on their individual preferences and tastes.

3. Gateway to Expert Freelancers
Local businesses featured on the application need proper marketing strategies to be visible in the competition. Based on their unique selling points (USPs), they can hire freelance marketing strategists, graphic designers, content writers, etc., to enhance their business and fortify their online presence.

4. Tailored UI
The machine learning algorithm of Emporia is set up in such a way that UI works on the predictive analysis pattern. With the help of this, every user will have a customized user interface of the application based on their previous searches and recommendations.

5. Seamless Appointments
Frequently, street vendors are employed with a significant influx of customers. Not only are outlets facing challenges in selling their products but consumers are also required to endure lengthy wait times to utilize the services and purchase any item. To continue the procedure, online reservations or appointments may be scheduled with the assistance of Emporia.

6. Unified Communication Hub
An integrated messaging system facilitates streamlined communication between the two parties via Emporia. Through the use of direct communications, concepts can be analyzed, strategies can be developed, and coordination can be maintained with relative ease.

7. Local Market Discovery
In megacities, there are frequently unexplored locations. Numerous historic cities, particularly those of lesser-known status, remain unexplored due to their lack of awareness among the general public. Emporia ensures that customers are informed about the stores located in their vicinity or inside their city. It assists customers in exploring a wide range of options before making a purchase.

8. Monetization Opportunities
Freelancers and street vendors can take advantage of a wide variety of paid features in addition to those that are free on Emporia. They can improve their visibility and their viability as a result. By doing so, they have the opportunity to identify potential revenue streams.

9. Local Economy Nourishment
Emporia’s primary objective is to preserve the authentic character of the local market and encourage patronage of local retailers. Each transaction made on Emporia actively contributes to the advancement and expansion of the community, establishing you as a crucial participant in the flourishing of your local economy.

10. Emporia Analytics
Emporia gathers data associated with sales, purchases, preferences, and various other types of customer behaviors. The data can be utilized and transformed into intelligent data to generate informative performance indicators. It provides an opportunity for local businesses to understand the reasons behind their visibility or lack thereof. By analyzing the stats, businesses may develop their marketing plans. Similarly, consumers can also reap the advantages of the same measures before making a purchase.

How can you amplify your business profit?

1. Increased Reach – Online platforms will allow you to increase your client base and reach potential customers in a lesser amount of time.

2. Cost-efficient – The competitors of local markets are big shopping centers. It is difficult to beat them with a limited marketing budget. However, with the help of Emporia, it becomes easier to market the products and increase reach with a tight marketing budget as well.

3. Branding – Branding is sold at a higher cost and also has a longer product life cycle. Though it takes a handsome budget to make something brand, however, the revenue earned later is satisfying. Emporia will help local shop owners to make their store a brand and earn higher revenue.

4. Data-Driven Approach – In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it will be easier to form strategies based on data rather than assumptions. Emporia will provide high-quality analytics that can help local businesses understand how they are performing in the market.

Online platforms hold the key to the future of the market. The market has been significantly impacted by the rapid rise of e-commerce and m-commerce. Individuals who fail to prioritize the process of digitizing their firm will have challenges in the foreseeable future. Do you currently possess a shop in Dubai? Alternatively, are you considering the possibility of opening it shortly? Contact us immediately and we will assist you in establishing your business in Dubai.

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How can a Business App like Emporia Amplify the Profit of the Street Vendors?

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